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Step into a realm of inner exploration, mysticism, and spiritual alchemy. Unleash the power of imagination, dreams, and creativity through guided journeys rooted in profound soul wisdom. 



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Dr. Teresa Nowak, PhD

Dr. Teresa, a Jungian and archetypal practitioner, navigates life's subtleties through dream tending and active imagination. As an empathic guide, she weaves invisible threads connecting us and facilitates transformative journeys in the imaginal realm. Grounded in depth psychology, her approach illuminates an unseen dimension alongside ego consciousness. Drawing from indigenous wisdom teachings, she integrates the unconscious, natural world, and more-than-human energy synergistically. Dr. Teresa, a critical thought leader, holds a PhD in Depth Psychology and specializes in phenomenal practices. A lifelong seeker, she's a skilled imagination guide, spiritual teacher, and retreat facilitator, adept at delving into the unconscious psyche for individuals and groups. 

I am here to tend your dreams, your imagination,

your heart & soul ...

Join me for an imaginal space journey to reconnect to your

reciprocal relationship with nature.

Reality manifests in the dream image


Let's collaborate to conjure soul.

Dear Ones,

Welcome. Throughout my life, I've tuned into the whispers of the soul. The musings of the heart and the cosmic song-lines resonate in the air, beckoning us to engage with them. Empathy and intuition led me to recognize our profound connection to an intelligent field patiently awaiting our attention. I invite you to partake in a meaningful dialogue with your unique imaginal space- embracing your dreams, memories, imagination. & soul. 


Dr. Teresa



via Zoom or In-Person


Shadow Work

Embark on an inner journey with Dr. Teresa. Illuminate hidden aspects of yourself, easing anxiety and fear amidst global concerns. Through gentle guidance and active imagination sessions, explore the unconscious psyche for heightened self-awareness and inner peace. 


Tending Dreams & Imagination

Explore sleeping and daytime dreams through guided active imagination. Revitalize images and grasp their messages. Cultivate gentle curiosity to attune to the inner imaginal landscape. Learn about archetypal symbolism within dreams and imagination.

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Depth Psychology Coaching

Dr. Teresa skillfully navigates the symbolic significance of imagination's images, crafting soulful journeys to self-awareness. Depth psychology coaching sessions harmonize conscious daily life with the unconscious inner world, fostering peace and equilibrium. 


Hear what others think of Imaginal Space ...

We love Love Letters! Please tell us how we have touched your soul. xo

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"There is nothing in the world that can compare to diving, with great consciousness, with Dr. Teresa, into the deep intelligence which our dreams represent. She is a magical, powerful, and protective guide in my dream work. She holds me close while we explore the imaginal realms, and helps me connect it all back to the real world, so I can live out the wisdom I gather there. An unforgettable experience."

Olivia, Olympia, WA

"Dr. Teresa is very adapt, wise, and exceptionally gifted at dream tending. She pays close attention to your dream/images, knows how to guide you through an illuminating process revealing the inner richness and depth of imaginal figures, and relates these aspects to your life in relevant and interesting ways. Yet, Teresa goes beyond that. Her lovely, fun, intelligent and spiritual demeanor help make the process fun and filled with learning, and she lets you know what areas need clarifying if necessary. I would recommend Teresa to anyone; her education, skills, and demeanor brighten the world in ways that are needed. Her depth psychology background is helpful as well."

Joe, Chicago, IL

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"I have experienced many reoccurring dream sequences multiple times. Recently, one such dream had returned and I wrote down what I could remember. I got together with Dr. Teresa to see if we could discern some meaning from some of the elements that frequently return. Teresa set up a relaxing environment in my study and we started at the beginning of my dream. With Teresa's guidance and encouragement I opened up my heart and freed my mind. We walked through a world of creative imagination that I was not expecting. And oddly enough, it was not reflective of the source dream from which it was inspired. The images of places and structures and people I have never  know, seen, or experienced previously were vivid and alive. The journey we took in my psyche was full of heart felt childhood wonder. And this coming from a person who considers himself at times to be very closed up and too analytical. My reaction to this experience of Dream Tending with Teresa was that of being on a magical journey, awakening my imagination. When I see my notes from the experience it makes me feel like a great children's book is there waiting to be coaxed out."

Thomas, Tucson, AZ

"I am a skeptic. But, I 'allowed' Dr. Teresa to dream tend me because I wanted to be supportive of her new venture- of being a dream tender. I had a dream that was a little bizarre to me, but otherwise, didn't have much meaning in my mind. As our session began, Teresa took me into another dimension. In our journey, Teresa helped me to explore feelings, emotions, and sentiments that were all trapped beneath the surface and wanting/needing to be unearthed and revealed. It was shocking, mesmerizing, and cathartic. I came away with a renewed outlook on my most personal and intimate relationships and my own psyche. Teresa has a real gift. Sayeth the skeptic."

Jeanna, Tucson, AZ

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