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Flowers in Her Hair: Gen X, I am talking to you.

I was born in the summer of Woodstock. In my mind’s eye I’m an open-armed soul, embracing the spirit of that moment, deeply feeling the vibe of a generation. I love this muse in my heart.

She’s free to be. She’s untethered from convention or social constructs. She loves passionately, and is unapologetically fierce. She moves fluidly with her will and is a catalyst for social evolution.

She is my primal essence, my embodied life force of imagination and creativity.

I’m connected to her in the pulse of a generation who took action and raised their voice for change. She is alive in a time when people left the conventional path to follow an idea and respond to the stirrings in their hearts; a time when there was a quality of compassion, unity, and freedom; a time when a gentle driving force of love shifted the winds of change.

We need this spirit to breathe through us again today.

Today, we crave change but we don’t stay engaged in a meaningful way to feed our souls, let alone ignite a movement. We are starved for the essence found in soulful moments. We feel the need for deeper connections—to quench the thirst of our own depths.

We are a technology driven, social media conscious, stressed-out, disorganized mess. We might think we’ve got our shit together, but we don’t.

We slip further into the abyss of disconnection—disconnection from ourselves, disconnection from higher purpose, disconnection from each other, and disconnection from our very nature: to be one with the beauty of the universe.

There is a palatable change in the energy of the modern world. We bear witness to increased terrorism, violence, extremist, discrimination, and hatred through the veil of fundamental beliefs. It all seems beyond our reach, moving too fast, too far away from our personal reality to truly do something about it. But, honestly we can.

Sure, we care about the problems that plague our existence. We try to live right and move about our lives with kindness. We consider ourselves spiritually minded.

But, what more will it take to capture our attention? When will our inner voices demand to be heard and to realize the way we are living as a society isn’t good enough? Why we don’t unite our voices against atrocities, consumerism, and modern oppressions? Why don’t we drop out and organize? Why don’t we don’t live by the motto, "make love, not war" like the brave souls of the Woodstock generation?

Are we too comfortable, or paralyzed with fear? Who are our muses?

I believe we want to, but don’t know how. We are disconnected from our natural instincts and paralyzed by social media, technology, and fear. We don’t stop and listen to the sounds of silence often enough to truly be present to the world. We rarely quiet ourselves long enough to connect to the voice that speaks the truth. We don’t take our shoes off often enough to walk barefoot in the grass.

I propose we do it.

Let’s wear flowers in our hair, and love one another in a friendship of humanity.

Instead of busily organizing our schedules, draining our creativity in lackluster careers, and planning our vacations to recover from inherent exhaustion, let’s be the face of inspiration.

Let us rise up to organize social change. Let’s bring back a surge of enchantment.

We’ve come close with recent social cries; still, they lacked the presence of the true flower power generation who preceded us. We aren’t infused with the spirit of the Woodstock era—their love and peace and freedom and naked abandonment. Their fragrant spirit rocked the collective unconscious and vibrated at a powerful energy. They chose a way of being alive in the world over the conventional norm, and they went the way of counter culture together, united with love.

There is a rising feminine energy, which is palatable, demanding to be heard, yet, we still lack a centralized leader to be a voice of a movement.

The world feels the absence of our potential when we deny our true passions and gifts, when we fail to live in accordance with nature, with instinct, with imagination.

We are a force to be reckoned with. We can connect in a deep and meaningful way by taking action against the horrors of a world inflicted with terrorism, racial genocide, environmental catastrophes, and economic oppressions. We can substitute hate with love. And we must. The cost is too high if we sit idle.

I long for the inspired embodiment of the muse who lingers in my mind with the scent of the celestial union of peaceful existence. We need the mystics, the poets, the musicians, the artists, the activists, and the brave. We need to embody our muses.

Gen X, I am talking to you: We can define our generation as one who finally steps off of the treadmill and engages with the world. We are leaders with brilliant vision. We are the vessels of cosmic energy, born of stardust, called to shift the psychic field with our social actions.

The spirit of Woodstock is more than naked hippies in a three-day love fest. It is imbued in the collective work of people who connected at an elevated reality. Their spirit shifted social change and revealed how to radically love one another in a higher state of consciousness.

Let’s collaborate. Let’s organize sit-ins, and peaceful protests. Let’s share our dreams. Let’s share our stories. And, let’s quiet ourselves long enough to connect to the voice that speaks the truth. Let’s wear flowers in our hair. Let’s make love, not war. Let’s walk barefoot in the grass. Let’s open up our minds and embrace our inner muse, and let’s love one another in a friendship of humanity.