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Nature Within

Last night in my dreams, I crawled in the dark over a glass floor. I looked down and realized I was precariously perched on top of a skylight over an illuminated atrium filled with botanicals. I was terrified the glass would crack, but mesmerized with Sunroom full of life below. My body stiffened from a fear of heights as I attempted to move over the glass on my hands and knees. The awkward movement spoke to a feeling of bodily separation from Nature within. My physical body was gripped in fear; I felt separated from my own subtle body nature. As an embodied invitation from psyche, I consider how to break through Glass, or the perceived separation from internal Light and Nature. I consider, too, other times when I've noticed my body freeze in a grip of panic, and what the circumstances were that caused me to be fearful. I envision those ways when I felt separate, or 'dis-membered' from my natural state of being, and then I 're-member' those parts of myself in an imaginal way of knowing that I am part of a greater whole. This practice lends a sense of peace to the panicky dream image and brings a depth of perspective in my relationship to Mother Earth. I am moved to enact this dream outdoors, to crawl on the grass and spend time grounding in Nature as an ode to Mother's dream to me. How do your dreams invite you into an embodied relationship with Earth? What is the dreaming psyche inviting you to notice about yourself and the world around you?