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Red Skies

If it interests you, here are my depth perspectives on the red skies and fires raging through our beloved landscapes. Keep what resonates, look past what doesn’t.

The Heart of the world is opening, evidenced by the flaming symbol of the compassionate Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart appears with fire and wings, and often depicts a crown of thorns and piercing dagger through its center. The image symbolizes the pain and suffering required for a shift of consciousness to its highest form.

The fiery skies are like a consciousness of their own, here to remind us of the force of nature and the power of transformation that happens organically, beyond our control. Imagine the red sky and the red orb of the sun as its own entity that you can dialogue with. What would it say? What would you say in return?

Consider the idea that consciousness is a resonant energy with a perspective. If it feels ominous, face it and see through it. What you see mirrors back your own spiritual lessons in the flame. You may find it is here to alchemize the density of lower vibrational energy that needs to burn off, transmuting it with necessary shifts for sustainable life on the planet. If you find blame and judgement, sit with those feelings and wonder where it comes from in your deepest fears.

Blessings and love to all who are suffering through the fires and the loss of habitats and homes and very real pain. As Churchill said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.” And I would add, “Look it in the eye and give it a wink because you see it for what it truly is- temporary.”

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