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You are an Alchemist

Today I am hearing the message, “You are the alchemist and master magician to create something beautiful in the New World.” This is meant as the collective “you,” meaning our deepest truths and answers to our prayers are within. Joy is the resonate game changer. So is fear, so be careful how much energy you give to troubles beyond your control. The aim is not to separate the dark vs light energy, but to stand in mindful wholeness. You can change your response to fear by being the light as well. Imagine your radiant light from your heart and promote the highest energies of love, non-judgement, tolerance, compassion, joy, and friendship. Be the innocent inner child playing the garden of Earth Mother. Be Love. Be transcendental nature. Roar when you need to. We will be asked to walk hand and hand with our neighbors to transcend a fear-based world into the golden era of Love. Conquer your fears. Walk in the garden of Earth, barefoot and unadorned. Create what you imagine to evolve humanity. Most of all try to see yourself in everybody and share your brilliant light magic.

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