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You Are Luxurious

I woke up with this beautifully mysterious French song in my head. In my dream, I was running around inside a gorgeous hotel wearing sexy nude color high heels and a flouncy short dress, going room to room, meeting with people and doing something clandestine. I won’t bore you with all the vivid details of my dream, but I was curious about this song. I did my best to sing it into my Sound Hound app and voila! There it was! I’ve never heard this song before! I wish I knew French; the song feels romantic, or tragically lover-star-crossed in some way. And synchronistically, there is a lady in nude high heels in the video. You can’t make this shit up. Jungian side note, it is a dream interpretation concept that building images reflect your inner image of self, your psyche, state of mind, etc. In some ways, this mirrors the spiritual concept that there are many rooms in your heart prepared for you by God, such as in St. Teresa of Avila’s, “Interior Castle.” I’m happy to know this luxurious hotel image of my imaginal landscape was absolutely gorgeous, full of color and light, an art gallery, intimate cafes, a baby girl, my daughter whispering in my ear, people in vibrant costumes, and of course, this French music. Although there was a weird lady dramatically sobbing in the ocean being played on a video screen (but now I’m boring you with details and never mind what I know that represents ). It would seem my once rundown and dilapidated haunted hospital dream image of yesteryear has transformed nicely into a new image of self.

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