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Your Natural Soul

Your Natural Soul by Clare Dubois

Whether or not you know

that you are beautiful,

the flowers gaze at you

when ever you walk by.

When your heart feels like stone

and you've lost sight

of the gifts being given,

you are still held by the earth beneath you

and kissed by the breath of the trees.

When you've convinced yourself

that you're hopeless

and that you simply can't fulfill the role

that you were born here to play,

the sky is still whispering your name

and the stars are waiting for their chance

to sing to you.

You are wanted here.

You are part of this creation.

Let your hurts melt away in the waves

Let your cries be carried by the birds.

Earth, air, fire and water are the truth of you

and when you drop the veil

and open to the greater You,

you will find your fullness

in the valleys and the groves

and bow again to the sacred altar

of your natural soul.

Clare Dubois is Founder of

Artist Partner love and thank you to Andreas Lie

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