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Tending Dream work sessions are 60 minutes and meet face to face either in person, virtually, or over the phone. With a dream image in mind, the session begins with guided meditation down to a place of inner mysticism, and deep intelligence within the unconscious. Using the ancient wisdom of dream journeying, individuals are guided through active imagination to engage with luminous dream images. Dreams may include a most recent encounter, recurring motifs, partial dream images, nightmarish encounters, and intriguing world dreams. Closing rituals are offered to nurture transformative relationships with images into continuum, and tend to the soul.

Tending Dreams

  • Payments accepted prior to session with booking with Paypal or Venmo. Mahalo for your kindness. Life happens, and I am happy to reschedule with 24 hours notice for full credit towards another session. How might we refund soul time, I wonder? For that reason, threre is a no refund policy. 

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